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There are many fun activities near your Royal Kuhio. No matter the size of your group, or the makeup, there's always something great to do nearby. Not far from your Royal Kuhio, there are two great attractions that every group will want to see. The Honolulu Zoo and the Waikiki Aquarium are two of the biggest attractions on Oahu. No trip to the area is complete without seeing the amazing creatures housed in both of these locations.

The Honolulu Zoo

Honolulu Zoo

Since 1876, the Honolulu Zoo has been home to many exotic creatures. This zoo is extremely unique in the fact that it came about through a grant from King Kalakaua. Originally, it housed the king's bird collection. The first mammals to be included in the zoo were a monkey, a bear, and lion cubs. Since then, the zoo has grown to it's current phenomenal size. This zoo is a great place to spend a part of your vacation. Children and adults alike will enjoy seeing the variety of animals. Since this attraction is not far from Royal Kuhio, you can make it a full day trip or even just a fun afternoon.

The Waikiki Aquarium

Waikiki Aquarium

Also not far from your Royal Kuhio is the Waikiki Aquarium. See wonders normally only found below the ocean's surface. At the Waikiki Aquarium, you will see many creatures that are almost unimaginable. Some are beautiful, others may make you scratch your head. The aquarium is great for families, individuals, or any type of group. There are nearly 4,000 creatures housed in this aquarium. Spend an afternoon getting to know the creatures of the sea. After a day out, head back to a comfortable evening.

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